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We are pleased to welcome you to the Swissvax South African importers webshop. Here you can find and learn more about the famous Swissvax products and purchase online securely and convienently. Should you first want to learn more about the company Swissvax, its headquarters and most importantly its famous automobile care line, please visit the official main Swissvax website via

To find and purchase the products that you are looking for, please click on the respective product category below or use the product search function. Please also be kindly advised to have a read through our Car Care User Guides to learn more about how to achieve the famous Swissvax finish on your automobile.

Useful and powerful utensils and products that will help you to clean your automobiles wheels and tyres with ease and enhance and protect them on the long run. Convincing practicality.
What you need to best take care of your automobiles inner values. Easy to apply, highly-per formant and yet safe for regular use, these products let you achieve the best results in minimum time.
All our knowhow is reflected in these products allowing you to effortlessly clean, refresh or restore and protect leather interior durably whilst perfectly preserving its natural look and feel.
Our selection of powerful and endurance products specifically developed for convertible tops make the costly replacement of convertible top components redundant.
Effortlessly and immaculately clean glass and refresh, polish and seal all metal surfaces. Not only warmly recommended for concours enthusiasts.
Everything you need to thoroughly, effectively and safely wash your automobile. All products are safe for your wax finish and will not cause wash scratches, guaranteed.
Take care of these areas which unfortunately often are neglected. A little effort will go a long way and ensure that your automobile looks as you want it in every detail – simply perfect!
A selection of handy ingenious accessories that help you to achieve the best results and safe time and perfectly complement our other products. Developed by enthusiasts for enthusiasts.
Learn more about the essentials of automobile care and how to best apply Swissvax products in order to achieve the world-famous Swissvax Finish – the Swissvax Handbook is your perfect A-Z guide:

Swizöl Handbuch
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