SWISSVAX Leather Gloss Corrector Glossy, 150 ml

Leather Gloss Corrector Glossy, 150 ml
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  • Allows gloss correction for a homogeneously glossy leather interior finish across all leather areas
  • Gradually increases the gloss of nappa leather
  • Colourless, may be easily applied with a small sponge. The degree of gloss increase can be precisely fine matched when applying multiple thin layers of Gloss Corrector Matt

The Swissvax Leather Gloss Corrector Glossy is the functional counterpart of the Leather Gloss Corrector Matt. It is absolutely colorless and can be used to gradually increase the gloss of nappa leathers ensuring that all leather pieces and areas show the same degree of gloss creating a perfect and homogenous interior appearance. A very welcomed effect, for example, if an old upholstery had to be repaired using a new piece of nappa leather that is too matt.

Leather Gloss Corrector Glossy is locally applied on the affected areas using a small sponge and renders the treated surfaces with a homogeneously glossy finish. You can precisely adjust the degree of gloss increase by applying multiple very thin layers

Should you be looking for a solution for the opposite problem - nappa leather areas and spots that have become too glossy within time - please check the Swissvax Leather Gloss Corrector Matt.

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